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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is focused on securing your protection and creating innovation that gives you the most intense and safe online encounters. The statement of privacy applies to the website and represents information gathering and use. By utilizing the, you agree to the information rehearses depicted in this announcement.

We provide a time to time update which is sent through emails to our customers. Those who disapprove of it can simply unsubscribe. We don't utilize clients information to promote any of our products. We update or security measures too on regular basis to avoid access to the sensitive information.

Refunding Policy

Customers ought to peruse the terms and conditions in regards to the organization before pushing ahead to direct business.

Refunding is just permitted on specific grounds, for example, -

  • If can be repaid if the client scratches off the request inside of 24 hours with 100% cash back.
  • Clients get 100% discount if the products neglect to be passed on inside of 8-12 working days.
Cancelation Policy

Cancelation approach is conceivable if: -

  • If a customer does, they should either do it with 24 hours from requesting it generally, once it is transported it can't be discounted with 100% cash back. It is because the banks deduct half of the charging charge for buyer exchanges.
Cancelation approach isn't conceivable: -
  • in the event that, the client gave an off base address.
  • After the item is bundled and dispatched.
  • If any harm is brought to the merchandise.
  • At the end of the day, just half of the charging cost will be discounted.